The Bar Standards Board (BSB). These new rules are designed to improve the information available to the public before they engage the services of a barrister. They relate to information about the areas of law in which barristers practise, the legal services provided by barristers, what those services cost, and a client’s right to redress.

My Fees

I charge fixed fees which are agreed with the solicitor or client before work commences. No additional fees will be charged without prior agreement. I keep a record of all work done so that items such as telephone calls, consultations , emails, drafting, advice may be recovered as costs if the client is successful and the matter is not in the small claims court.

Clients may prefer to agree to an hourly rate. The scope of work is identified in my care letter. There are many factors that influence the fee I charge such as reading case papers and preparation, attendance in court and/or conference, complexity and urgency.

Your fixed fees may vary depending on your needs – for example, your fees may be towards the higher end of the range if you  have a more complex case. It is also a factor whether your case is in the High Court or the County Court.

If you have a particularly complex case, your fees may also be higher than the estimates below. There may also be additional costs for travel and/or hotel should this be required.

All fees exclude VAT. .

Written advice will be available within 14 days unless otherwise agreed. Timescales for a case may vary depending on factors such as the type and complexity of the case, the other side’s approach,  court waiting times and my availability.

Hourly Rates

These are general guides to my fees a higher fee may be quoted when speaking to you based on the time required and the complexity of your matter.

High Court                                                                                 . : £550 p.h.
County Court/Family Court/ Employment Tribunal Lower Court : £350 p.h

Fixed Rates

The following is a guide on what to expect when discussing Fees: (EX VAT)

A brief fee means reading of papers and unless stated otherwise is limited to 350 single side pages in 1.5 line spacing at 12pt font. A Brief fee of 750+VAT (£900) is chargeable on receipt of papers. Additional cost for advice or work to be agreed separately. 

County Court Amount Estimated Hrs/Day
Half a day (irrespective of the time allocated) includes Brief Fee £   1500 3
Full day £2,200 1 day
Trial Refresher days £2000 1 Day
High Court Amount Estimated Hrs
Half a day (irrespective of the time allocated) includes Brief Fee £3000 4
Full day £4800 1 day
Trial Refresher days £3500 1 day
In exceptional cases I am happy to discuss a payment plan once fees have been agreed and I may ask you to provide a guarantor where I agree that fees may be paid off monthly.
Unfortunately given the amount of time I spend on the telephone I have now had to introduce a charge for scheduled consults that are not part of the fixed fees.

Credit and Money on Account

I cannot offer credit or a Payment Plan. I do not hold money on account. Fees are only refundable in certain circumstances where sufficient advance notice of cancelation is given. Any work done will be charge for before cancellation is accepted.

Ad hoc Zoom and Telephone consultations

Prices for 2024


 price (inclusive of VAT)


 £     100.00


 £     150.00


 £     225.00


 £     300.00

Payment can be taken over the telephone before the consultation.


Payment Methods


The above information is for guidance and in the interests of Transparency.

My fees listed above are a guideline to give you an idea of what you might spend.  I am happy to discuss and agree fees. 

More information on Transparency and the Code of conduct can be found here on the BSB’s website